Friday, June 22, 2007

Check your iPod

From Entertainment Weekly online: Take a few minutes to peruse your iPod song list — or paw through your CD collection — and then share the five most shameful songs in your collection. And remember, I wouldn't ask you to dive into the humiliation pool if I wasn't already standing in the deep end, arms outstretched, promising to buy you a pony. Ready... set...jump!

Okay, let me first apologize for any earworming, but here are my five:

(1) Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill. Shut up – you know it’s catchy!

(2) Mmmbop – Hansen. *sob* I’m only human!

(3) Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot. I just love the lyrics, that’s my only defense. And the rhythm. And, well, the memory of Ross and Rachel singing it to the baby on Friends.

(4) Wannabe – Spice Girls. I blame the mojitos I was drinking that night for buying this on iTunes.

(5) Danger (Been So Long) – Mystikal. I will never apologize for loving this track. The background samples, Nivea’s voice counterpointing Mystikal’s, the nearly incomprehensible lyrics (except for the occasional “N Bomb” on the uncensored version). This is a gem in the rough.

Those who know me will find this list somewhat surprising, since I’m more of a Van Morrison, Three Doors Down, Bonnie Raitt, Damien Rice kinda gal. But I listen to these songs pretty regularly. Just goes to show you never can tell about people’s tastes!

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Kat said...

i like all of those. shhh!