Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Catholics take on road rage, Southern Baptists chicken out on global warming

I found the Vatican's 10 Commandments for Driving just a reiteration of how people should be behaving in the first place, being considerate of one another and not hurting each other. I also think it is both an overstatement of the obvious and a frivolous use of the pontiff's authority. But hey, no harm, no foul - I'm Jewish and he's not the boss of me anyway.

The Southern Baptists, on the other hand, continue to piss me off. It is bad enough to condemn same-sex marriages in a world where love is in such short supply and committed relationships are an asset regardless of their flavor, but now they've taken a cowardly stance on global warming. Or perhaps it's simply towing the Dubya party line, what with conservative, reactionary money pouring into the collection plates and funding everything from religious themed amusement parks to intolerant hate campaigns. I hope that enough Christians will think for themselves when they hear about this poorly-conceived joke to reject the SBC's edicts in this case and remember that among God's earliest instructions to Adam included His appointment of humanity as the stewards of the earth and its resources.

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