Friday, April 16, 2010

Open Letter to Tammy Etheridge

You go girl! You have thousands of supporters that you might not even be aware of but they're here. Your blog got me through a tough winter in 2007 and I have continued to come back and read it as often as a new post appears, and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that gave me an opportunity to get acquainted with you.

My mind keeps going back to the story Melissa told so often on talk shows and in interviews, about how she came home from chemo one day to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a card that simply read "In sickness and in health..." It seems like she wanted someone to love her regardless, but withheld the promised reciprocal unconditional love.

I'm very disappointed in Melissa, I must say. After what Julie put her through, for her to put you through the same pain is inexcusable.

Climb back onto your life, sweetie, and strap in for the ride. You have two beautiful children, you are a lovely woman and you still have an impressive career in front of you that I can't wait to watch unfold.

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