Thursday, January 22, 2009

Musical erotica

I blame Melissa Ferrick and her scandalously evocative "Drive".

I discovered this track quite by accident while reading an article about Lesbian guitar goddesses and, based on the number of comments to the article posted specifically mentioning "Drive" I promptly trotted over to YouTube to see if I could find it. Hoo, mama, did I find it! And I promptly became obsessed with it because it so reminded me of my disreputable past. Meaning it made me squirm and my eyes went all out of focus, taking me back to my distant youth.

So since then I've been listening to the voices that turn me on, for whatever reason. I can't say I've definitely broken it down into its component parts, but I think it may be a combination of lyrics, inflection and the singer's actual voice. But here are some of the pieces that have been heating up my iPod for the last couple of months:

"Down By the River" - Indigo Girls
"I Want You" - Melissa Etheridge
"Satisfy" - Meshell N'degeocello
"She's Got to Be" - Amy Ray
"Slow Like Honey" - Fiona Apple
"Caramel" - Suzanne Vega
"Oh My God" - P!nk
"Dance Along the Edge" - Concrete Blonde
"Love and Affection" - Joan Armatrading
"Don't Know How" - Joss Stone
"The Different" - Melissa Etheridge
"Mystery" - Indigo Girls
"Feelin' Love" - Paula Cole
"Temptation" - Diana Krall
"The Raven" - Lisa Marie Presley get the idea.

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